Mens Swiss Rolex GMT Master II Replica

Germany will celebrate the 30th anniversary German reunification, which Rolex would like to recognize with the Rolex GMT Master II Replica special issue. They are a German watchmaker, so the reunification is more than just a historical date.

It's synonymous with two companies that continue to embrace the merging of East & West. Qualified engineer Lothar Schmidt is the owner of Rolex Spezialuhren GmbH. Dr. Engineering Ronald Boldt is the co-owner and managing director of Sachsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashutte. They have developed the partnership between Rolex Spezialuhren (SUG) and SUG since 1999. Lothar Schmidt holds 74% of all SUG shares after the 2002 floods. He has worked with Ronald Boldt to create a high-end case manufacturing company that is currently managed by his son Daniel Boldt.

SUG has been producing cases for Rolex Spezialuhren since its inception. Their production and construction requirements are very demanding. The cases it produces are an example of high-quality craftsmanship and technological skill. best Rolex GMT Master II Replica is made of high-strength German Submarine Steel. It is extremely resistant to saltwater, and has outstanding non-magnetic qualities.

The Best Replica Watches case is connected to the diver's bezel by a captive connection. All-over Black Hard Coating is applied to the watch. This coating is only for Tegiment technology surfaces. This combination is what makes it possible for us to achieve high-quality colour coatings.

We designed this watch in Germany's national colors to mark the occasion. Black, red, and gold have been symbols of German reunification since the Wars of Liberation (Germany 1813-1815).

At the Rolex GMT Master II Replica for sale Hambach Festival in 1832, the black, red, and gold flag was first displayed in its current form. Reunification was celebrated by the raising of a black and red flag in front the Reichstag in Berlin.